• What is PACE?

    PACE provides services for academically gifted and talented students in grades K-12 who have demonstrated the need for advanced, differentiated instruction. Plano I.S.D. conducts open, rolling referral, meaning that any student may be referred at any time during the school year. Students may be referred for the gifted program (PACE) by teachers, parents, principals, counselors, or by the students themselves. Students that are referred by the referral deadline will be tested during a specified testing window and assessed at their home campus during the regular school day.

    Referral packets need to be completed and returned to the gifted specialist at your child’s school no later than the deadline listed below to be tested the current school year. Referrals received after the posted deadline will be held for the next assessment cycle. These referral documents, along with additional information regarding the PACE program, are available at the PISD website.

    Please visit Haun's PACE webisite for information regarding the PACE curriculum, class schedules, parent resources, and more!  http://tinyurl.com/haunpace


  • 1st Grade

    Wednesdays 9:20-10:20, 12:25-12:55 and 1:45-2:15

  • 2nd Grade

    Wednesdays 9:20-10:20, 12:25-12:55 and 1:45-2:15

  • 3rd Grade

    Tuesdays 11-12 and 1:30-2:30

  • 4th Grade

    Wednesdays or Fridays 7:45-9:15 and 10:30-12:30 

  • 5th Grade

    Tuesdays or Thursdays 7:45-10:45

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