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    Welcome Everyone!

    Welcome to the Haun Library webpage! My greatest joy is putting the students in charge of their learning and that is what I do in the Haun library. I believe the most meaningful long lasting learning comes from play. Our students engage in playful learning station with curricular connections that are easily differentiated in how the students access the station. Our students also have the freedom to choose and checkout any book they want to read! 

    I love to partner with parents and teachers to help students become lifelong library users and readers. Please contact me if you have any questions.


    Librarian With Books

    Weekly Checkout Guidelines and Library Schedule

    • Kindergarten - one book
    • 1st Grade - two books
    • 2nd Grade - two books
    • 3rd Grade - two books
    • 4th Grade - two books
    • 5th Grade - two books


    I encourage children to choose a ‘good fit’ book that they want to read. They are able to choose from any section of the library. I teach the children how to browse for books in person and search for books online through our library catalog. 


    Each classroom has a set weekly library time. During this time I teach a mini lesson, they find and checkout new books and go to stations. Students can also check out new books before and after school. Students may also come at anytime during the school day when their teacher sends them to check out new books.


    Volunteer Opportunities

    I love library volunteers! All volunteers are welcome- you may assist during your child’s scheduled library time or at another time that is convenient. Volunteers will assist with shelving returned library books and straightening shelves. 

    Library Lessons and MakerSpace

    A thriving school library plays an integral part to a healthy equitable school. It is my task to provide equality of access across a diverse student body. Each grade level receives a targeted library lesson each week that is connected to what they are currently learning in class. Some of the topics I cover include digital citizenship, research, and inquiry based learning. 


    My greatest joy is when the students visit our makerspace stations. These activities encourage children to be curious, brave and work together to solve problems. They are talking, sharing and actively working on their social emotional skills. 


    Bluebonnet and 2X2 Awards Lists

    The Haun library supports two reading programs sponsored by the Texas Library Association (TLA) 


    • 2X2 books are recommended reading for children aged 2 years old through 2nd grade


    • Bluebonnets are recommended reading for children in 3rd through 6th grades 


    Please email me for more information about our reading programs. 

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