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    The mission of the Plano ISD Elementary Counseling Program is to provide guidance through a team approach, so that students develop emotionally, socially, and academically, in order to become responsible members of society.

    The purposes of individual counseling, group counseling, and classroom guidance are:

    • Help students better understand themselves and others.
    • Build self-confidence.
    • Encourage students to recognize and make the best use of their abilities.
    • Provide opportunities for students to feel successful.
    • Talk with students about educational, personal, and social concerns.
    • Help students adjust to school and home environments.
    • Develop an awareness of the world of work.
    • Teach students the decision-making process.
    • Foster a caring, safe environment for children.

    All classes have classroom guidance twice a month, for half an hour. In this classroom setting, lessons are taught on conflict resolution, friendship skills, communication, feelings, study skills, personal safety, career guidance, decision making, and diversity and acceptance.

    With our Character Education Program, we will focus on a new character trait every month. The children will be able to reward each other and staff members for modeling great characters.

    We know it will be a great year. Please let us know if we can help in any way.


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    Sue Johnson

Sue Johnson