• Counselor

  • RMH School Counseling Vision

    The Rose Mary Haggar Elementary school counseling program will inspire all students to reach their maximum potential by utilizing a comprehensive program that addresses social/emotional development, academic, and college/career goals. The counseling department will provide an environment that ensures equitable access, high levels of learning, encourages personal inquiry/growth, promotes resilience, and inspires academic excellence for all. Our goal is to produce caring, resilient, lifelong learners who have the tools they need to become successful productive citizens in a diverse and ever-changing world.

    RMH School Counseling Mission

    The mission of the Rose Mary Haggar school counseling department is to ensure equitable access to a proactive, supportive, and developmentally appropriate program as a means to foster personal growth, academic success, social/emotional development, and college/career goals for all. By building partnerships with teachers, parents/guardians, and the surrounding community, we look forward to working together to teach, inspire, and grow the whole child.

Stacey Sayavongsa