Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Angela Graves

Hi my name is Angela Graves.  I was born and reared in Dallas, Texas.  I started college in Lubbock at Texas Tech, but graduated in Denton at University of North Texas.  My Bachelor's degree is in Sociology, with a minor in Philosophy.  After graduation, I worked as an office assistant and assistant in the accounting department of my father's architecture firm.  When he decided to retire, I searched for employment, attempting to focus on my skills or education, and landed at a national title company in the curative department, having nothing really to do with my degree.  I spent several years learning and growing, moving up, becoming an escrow officer and supervisor.  I enjoyed working with all the different people, but found that I especially enjoyed assisting and teaching incoming staff members the information required to become a success in the field.  In 2017, my mother suffered a major hemorrhagic stroke. We were advised if she survived the first 48 hours, which they did not expect her to, she would never walk or talk again. Miraculously, with the assistance of a very skilled surgeon, my mother did survive and, in fact, can walk and talk on her own.  Of course, at a diminished capacity, even though she has a severe case of Aphasia, I understand her almost completely.  My mother was a registered nurse, and had been taking care of my father who, 5 years prior, had had his second triple bi-pass heart surgery.  I knew my mother would get better and would need additional care and knew my father also required additional care and was unable to provide the care my mother would require.  Therefore, I spoke with my siblings, and, knowing our mother, we decided I would quit my job and stay home to care for both my parents.  I spent the last several years as my parents' care giver.  During this time, I was also able to assist my family members with their children.  By the time Covid began, my mother had progressed greatly, no longer with a feeding tube or needing 100% attention during the day. Therefore, when my cousins had to homeschool their 5 years olds, but work at the same time, they turned to me to ask for my assistance.  I spent two years assisting with the homeschool process for pre-school and kindergartners. I realized at this time I really loved spending time with little children and helping them learn and grow.  This is my first year at Isaacs, as well as my first year in education. I look forward to more years working, growing and learning together with these young adorable children. In my free time, I continue to help my cousins with their children and babysit for their evenings out.  I enjoy spending that time with their children, it means alot to me and to them.  My other hobbies include singing, arts and crafts, shopping for arts and craft projects, going to flea markets or trade days, as well as antiquing and baking.