Mrs. Ginger Rivas

Phone: 469.752.7090


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Historical Studies (The University of Texas at Dallas) Master of Education (University of North Texas)

Mrs. Ginger Rivas

I moved to Plano when I was three years old.  I attended Meadows Elementary, Bowman Middle School, Williams High School and Plano East Senior High.  I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Historical Studies from The University of Texas at Dallas, and a Master of Education Degree from the University of North Texas.  I began my teaching career at Bowman Middle School, and I remained there until my principal opened Murphy Middle School in the fall of 2003.  I taught 8th grade United States history for over fifteen years, and have been teaching 7th grade Texas history for the last several years.  The kids are the absolute BEST part of this job, and I simply can't imagine doing anything else!


    • Tuesdays 7:50-8:20
      • Room H104
      • Room E103
    • Tuesdays 3:30-4:00
      • Room J104
    • Thursdays 7:50-8:20
      • Room H104
    • Thursdays 3:30-4:00
      • Room J104

    *Please note that an in-class calendar is available for student reference as to other available tutorial times.  Additionally, any conflicts which occur on a regular tutorial day will be posted to this calendar.



    • 1st Period     Texas History 7     8:30-9:23

    • 2nd Period    Texas History 7     9:27-10:16

    • 3rd Period     Texas History 7    10:20-11:13

    • 4th Period     Texas History 7    11:17-12:51     (B Lunch is 11:49-12:19)

    • 5th Period     Texas History 7    12:55-1:44

    • 6th Period     Conference & Planning        1:48-2:37

    • 7th Period     Texas History 7     2:41-3:30

  • FAQ

    WEBSITE: Use code 0jq1z4d (it’s a zero, not an oh)

    TEXT ALERTS: OR text @g243dh to 81010

    SUPPLIES: six folders with brads 

    LESSONS: Lesson information will be gathered via readings, discussions, lectures, video clips, etc. We will use this information to complete ungraded group, paired and individual activities. We will review the process and product of these activities to check for understanding. You will use this time to make any additions and/or corrections.

    CONCEPT CHECKS: Concept checks are daily grades. As we finish small “chunks” of a unit, we will have a concept check. In a concept check, you will be asked five questions (@10 points each) about the “chunk” we just completed. You will be answering these questions without use of notes, materials or other sources. This means that you need to study the material the night(s) leading up to the Concept Check. Our goal is for you to learn the material. As with other subjects, some things you “get” quickly, and other things take longer. Some things are easy; others are difficult. If you fail ANY concept check, you have the opportunity to redo it for a passing grade, but you must attend a tutorial first. At this tutorial, we will go over the material you struggled with. Then you will retake the concept check (max grade 70%). Should you fail it again, we’ll do another tutorial/redo, as often as necessary. When we’re done, you will know the material and have a passing grade.

     FOLDERS: As you receive papers for each unit, they will go into your folder. (If you are in AVID, you will keep them in your AVID binder. However, at the end of the unit, you will transfer them to your folder to turn in.) Folders should be used to study for concept checks and tests. On the day of the test, you will turn your folder in for a double daily grade. Your folder grade will be based on you having all the papers, in the brads and in order.

    QUIZZES: Advance-notice quizzes will be given periodically throughout a unit. They will cover segments of information from the last several concept checks. Content and frequency will vary by unit.

    TESTS: You will have one test per unit. Your folder due date will always be due the day of the test. (Hopefully you used it to study the night before!) Retests will be available for anyone whose test grade is below 70%.

    GRADES: daily grades = 25% major grades = 75% (quizzes x1 and tests x2)

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