Professional Learning

Plano Independent School District

Professional Learning

Plano Independent School District

  • ETSI - June 6

    The Digital Learning Team hosts its 10th annual ETSI

    Are you into ed tech to boost student creativity & engagement?

    Do you want to stay on top of the latest & greatest ed tech news?

    Join the DLT on June 6 for great conversations, exploration of ed tech, & 6 hours of trade credit to apply for 2023-2024!

    Details at

  • Summer Inspire - May 30-June 1 - Sign up now!

    Summer Inspire Registration Is Now Open!

    Registration is now open for Plano ISD's Summer Inspire, May 30-June 1. Remember, this year's conference will offer in-person and virtual sessions. To browse available sessions, log into webdesk and look for the new icon for Summer Inspire tile (pictured below). You can also visit:

    So, if you are

    • Looking for new strategies and tools for designing engaging learning, or

    • Want to learn how to use the New & Improved Gradebook before the school year, or

    • Want to learn more about Lead4Ward, or

    • Want to earn GT pl hours...

    Then sign up! If you have any questions about Inspire, contact Edna Phythian in Professional Learning.

    How to find your schedule

  • National Board Cohort

    Plano ISD National Board Cohort applications due May 15. Visit for details.

    National Board certification is the most respected professional certification available in education. The Board-certification process was established by teachers, for teachers, to allow educators to certify against a set of standards for accomplished teaching. Educators can pursue certification in 25 certificate areas by completing an assessment that involves four components.

    Teachers may choose to undertake certification on their own or join a cohort program for guidance and support. The National Board website ( provides a wealth of resources for candidates or for those who are interested in learning more about the process. 

    Plano ISD supports teachers in the National Board certification process through a two-year cohort in which teachers work through the components with the guidance of cohort facilitators and National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) mentors. In the 2022-23 school year, PISD has two cohorts in progress in partnership with ESC Region 10. The district is launching a third cohort for the 2023-24 school year. Click here for more information on the cohort and application process.  

    Individuals who become NBCTs automatically earn a Recognized designation under the Texas Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) and receive annual allotment funding of $3,000 to $9,000 from the State. Compensation amount varies by campus. For more information on this, visit the National Board Certification in Texas page

    If you have questions about National Board Certification in Plano ISD, please contact Craig McKinney, PL Coordinator at or (469) 752-8084.

  • Vector Solutions: Mandatory Compliance Training

    Vector Solutions Logo

    Vector Solutions Compliance Training Plan 2022-2023

    Please take a few moments to carefully review the 2022-2023 Vector Solutions (formerly SafeSchools) training information. Vector Solutions includes many of our mandatory trainings which are required by law and/or board policy. This overview provides all the necessary information about how to log in to Plano ISD’s Vector Solutions website and take the required training.

    Vector Solutions serves an important role in Plano ISD. Compliance training protects the district from liability, and teaches employees about safety and legal guidelines. New employees are required to take more courses than employees who have already received training in previous years. Both lists are available below. Notice that due dates for new employees and existing employees may be different.

    Logging In to Vector Solutions

    Vector Solutions can be accessed through the link below or Webdesk.  Login to webdesk with your PISD network credentials (firstname.lastname) and your normal district password. Then select the Vector Solutions icon:

    Vector Solutions Webdesk Icon

    Once logged in, all mandatory courses will be listed on the homescreen. Suggested courses may be listed below the required courses. You are not required to take any suggested courses unless instructed to do so. If you do not see a required course, please contact

  • Classroom Management

    Classroom management resources and professional learning information is available for classroom teachers and support staff is now available here! For professional learning information regarding this topic, be sure to check out the information located under "Instructor-Led courses".

  • Additional Learning Opportunities

    Navigating PowerSchool Check out the PowerSchool Development calendar for additional learning opportunities.Use the Course Search box to browse our catalog. You can also access the Calendar in the top-right corner to search for offerings by date and time.