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Morning Drop-Off and Afternoon Pick-Up




It is our desire to work with you in order to greet and dismiss your child in a safe and timely manner.  Please remember that your child’s safety is our first concern, and we will need your assistance and cooperation to protect all our students.

  • Each classroom has been assigned a classroom buddy.  In this packet is a nametag for your child to wear every day to school.  Also included is a backpack tag and the car tag that needs to hang from your rearview mirror beginning the first day of school.  Please ask your child’s teacher for a second car tag if you drive two vehicles.
  • YOUR CHILD NEEDS TO WEAR THE NAME TAG DAILY. There will be a $3.00 charge for each replacement badge prepared for your child.
  • Arrive daily with the car tag placed on the rear view mirror at dismissal time.  This must be visible to staff who are putting your child in the car.  DO NOT arrive earlier than 15 minutes before drop off or pick up.
  • Please review the map that shows the car route for dropping off and picking up your child. All traffic must go clockwise around the neighborhood. See attached map.
  • NEVER leave any child(ren) unattended in your parked car.
  • NEVER leave your car unattended in the car pool line.  The lane is marked as a fire lane for safety reasons.
  • Please stay in your car and pull all the way forward when you are asked to do so. Please pull forward beyond the dismissal line or in a vacant parking spot to buckle your child.
  • For your convenience, staff is available at 8:00 AM to bring the children into the building.  Staff will be available at 12:20 for the afternoon session.  At 8:15 and 12:30 the staff will return to the classrooms.  AT THIS TIME, parents MUST park and bring their children in.  Please sign in at the office before walking your child to class per district policy.

Morning Class                        Doors Open   8:00 am

Dismissal       11:00 – 11:10 am


Afternoon Class                    Doors Open   12:20 pm

Dismissal        3:15 – 3:25 pm


Regional Day School            Doors Open    8:00 am

Dismissal        2:15 – 2:25 pm

  • Our staff will not be able to assist with seat belts or car seats for legal reasons. To assist with arrival and dismissal, please have children in car seats or seat buckles that are located in the back seat of the passenger side of the car.
  • Please remain in your car at all times.  Come to a complete stop, put your car in park, and stay stopped until your child is safely in/out of the car.
  • Make certain your child is ready to exit your car when you pull up to the curb.  If possible, having the backpack already on your child to help speed up the arrival process.
  • The staff will be busy making certain all students are safely dismissed, therefore, do not expect to visit with them during this busy time.
  • If your child is especially unwilling to get out of the car without you, you may wish to leave the car line and park in order to walk your child into the building.  Please sign in at the office before walking your child to class.
  • Please inform your child’s teacher in writing of changes should someone else be picking up your child. That person MUST HAVE your child’s car tag with him/her and be on your child’s emergency card. (If you need to add someone to your card, please come to the office and they will help you.)  In the event that they do not have the tag, the person will need to park their car and come into the office to verify authorization for pick up.  We will check your emergency card and ask them to show their drivers’ license.
  • If you walk from home to pick up your child, please bring your child’s car sign and walk up to the staff member at the front door.  He/she will call for your child to be brought out to you.
  • Children not picked up on time will be brought to the front office to wait for their ride and/or call you.  Please be prompt in picking up your child.
  • PLEASE OBSERVE THE CLOCKWISE FLOW OF TRAFFIC! It is for your child’s safety that we are enforcing this flow. There will be NO PARKING on the inside perimeter of Pearson ECS during school hours. No traffic will be allowed to turn around in the middle of the street. DO NOT BLOCK the STOP sign intersections. Please read the map and make a plan that works for you and fits the clockwise flow of traffic!
  • Parking will be permitted on the west side of Eagle Pass and the east side of Lookout Drive. Take care not to park in front of the neighbor’s mailbox, please.
  • SAFETY first is the key!  Our little ones are precious! Thank you!