• "I'm actually quite shocked how prepared the Academy has made me for college. I think I'm more appreciative of the Academy now than when I was actually attending! I do not know exactly what the cause is, but the transition from high school to college was seamless.... I do not think the Academy taught me how to be successful in college; I think the Academy gave me skills that I am able to utilitze to my benefit in college, leading to greater academic success comparatively. The fact that I was taught more than subject material-the fact that I was taught to be professional, to communicate properly, to strive for the best and to work well in teams- has been the most beneficial experience and would prove to be of great value for any student." ~EG, Class of 2017


    "I just wanted to thank you for all you taught me at Academy during our capstone project! I am already hard at work on another huge research paper and I am way ahead of all my classmates, even the students who are seniors, and I owe it to your pushing us through the capstone project last year! I appreciate all you did to prepare us for college and our future careers." ~ HB, Class of 2018