• Centennial History

    Opened in August 1999, Centennial Elementary was named to commemorate the 100 Year Anniversary of Plano Independent School District.

    A century ago, a single school house with a handful of students sprang up from the abundant grasslands of the Blackland Prairie, and rapidly emerged into one of the country's premier school districts, growing to 100 square miles and 55,000 students. This success would not have been possible without the vision of great superintendents and community leaders. Centennial Elementary is the legacy to a century of visionaries who created a district rich in history with a profound Tradition to Excellence and a promise to the future.

    Mission: We, Centennial Elementary, with the support of family and community, commit to academic excellence and to the development of life-long learners today, who will become responsible citizens of tomorrow.

    Colors: Red, White, Blue

    Mascot: Comets

    Motto: Reach for the stars

  • 1999 Original Centennial Mural

    1999 Original Centennial Comets Mural


    1999 Original Centennial Comets Mural

    This mural honors the original students and staff of Centennial Elementary. The mural was designed by Jane Corbellini and painted by many parent volunteers.

1939-1959 Memorial Panel 3

  • 1939-1959 Memorial Panel 3

1898-1919 Memorial Panel 1

  • 1898-1919 Memorial Panel 1

1959-1979 Memorial Panel 4

  • 1959-1979 Memorial Panel 4

1919-1939 Memorial Panel 2

  • 1919-1939 Memorial Panel 2

1979-1999 Memorial Panel 5

  • 1979-1999 Memorial Panel 5