• Title I

  • The Title I program is designed to ensure that all children have an equal opportunity to obtain a high quality education and reach proficiency on state academic achievement assessments. All students who fail the STAAR test and attend a Title I school automatically qualify for services. Students performing under 25th percentile can also receive services. Additional staff positions and teaching resources are funded with the Title I federal grant money. This allows identified students to receive the additional help needed to close their achievement gap. 

    The eligibility of a school to receive Title I services is determined by the percentage of students receiving free or reduced cost meals and students that have demonstrated a need for services. After a campus qualifies as a Title I school, students generally receive instruction in small groups by a highly qualified teacher. The Title I classes are supplemental and do not take the place of regular classroom instruction.

    Parent Engagement Policy

    Family Engagement Policy

    Plan de Acción de la Escuela para la Participación de Padres

    Title I Family/School Compact

    Family/School Compact

    Poliza de Compromiso de Padres

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    Notice of Qualifications

    Aviso de Cualificaciones

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