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  • Discipline Management Plan

    We believe that communication, training, and caring are the key ingredients to a successful discipline management program. At the beginning of the school year, class and building expectations are discussed and specified by students and teachers. Not only are expectations determined through classroom discussion, but also logical consequences for not following rules are discussed. It is the staff’s responsibility to select which logical consequences would be most appropriate in a specific situation. By assisting students in understanding that their actions have consequences, sometimes favorable while other times unfavorable, staff can guide students in developing responsible behavior for good citizenship.

    Parent involvement is essential to the success of the program. The grade level discipline plans are carefully explained during the Parent Information Night and through the Grade Level Newsletter the first six weeks of school. Teachers will not hesitate to call or conference with parents when problems occur. Through effective communication and compassionate understanding, our discipline program assists students in learning responsible behavior and respectful citizenship. To facilitate regular communication between home and school, every child brings home a folder each week. Enclosed in the folder is accumulated student work and miscellaneous notices. Sometimes there may be important communication from the teacher regarding your child’s performance.

    Central to our management plan is prevention. Citizenship and Character Education goals are posted in every classroom and emphasized on a regular basis. Staff and students both benefit from periodic discussion of these ideas.

    When serious infractions occur, such as fighting, the student is sent to the principal’s office. After a thorough discussion with the principal and/ or counselor, the student may be required to attend a one-day in-school citizenship study or after-school detention. Parents are immediately notified and a conference may be requested.

    If student behavior is continually a concern, a daily management plan may be implemented after a parent conference is held. The plan records the student’s behavior for short time intervals and is sent home each day for the parent’s signature. A goal of this system is to develop a close and effective communication relationship with the student and his/her parents for behavior improvement. Additionally, it provides a visual reminder to the student as to progress.

    If serious behavior persists, a CAT Team meeting may be held with parents and staff. As a possible result, the student may be referred to the central Elementary Special Programs (ESP) for temporary placement outside our school.