• Nia Carranza - Counselor

    The guidance and counseling program is an essential part of the overall school experience. It is my deepest hope that every school year be filled with possibilities and accomplishments for all students. It is a privilege and joy to work with the students, parents, community, and staff here at Skaggs!

    I do classroom guidance lessons with each grade level every other week for 30 minutes. These lessons cover subjects such as:

    • decision making/goal setting
    • anti-bullying/peer pressure
    • friendship/character skills
    • uniqueness/cross-cultural effectiveness
    • managing anger/handling stress
    • conflict resolution/problem solving
    • drug awareness/responsible behavior 
    • personal safety & abuse 
    • growth mind-set/self-talk 
    • colleges & careers
    • self-confidence 
    • interpersonal effectiveness 
    • empathy/compassion/kindness 
    • internet safety 

    I form small groups each semester for new students, building friendships, changing families, study skills, confidence, etc. In addition to working with students, I organize parenting workshops four times a year where parents are able to attend and learn more about certain topics. I’m also the Campus Testing Coordinator, which means I am in charge of all the various testing that goes on in the building. For example, STAAR, MAP, TELPAS, & CogAT testing. Additionally, I am a member of the Campus Monitoring and Intervention Team (CMIT), which helps to plan strategies for student success, and the 504 Coordinator for our campus. In my free time I always stay alert for any crisis that may arise!

  • Nia Carranza