• Car Pool at Wyatt

    We have two carpools that make dropping off and picking up your student very easy! We encourage you to use either the Coit or Gifford carpool at the beginning and end of the day. A staff member and safety patrol will be there to assist after 7:15 each day.

    If you drive your child to school but feel the need to walk them to the door, there is only one place to park – our WEST lot. (This is not encouraged) but if you choose to park, you need to get out of the car and walk your child through the parking lot and to the sidewalk. This is for your child’s safety. Also, we ask that you be extremely cautious as you drive in this lot, and back out of your parking space.

    Reminder: It is against the law to be on your cell phone while in the carpool line.  If we remind you of this while picking up your child, please remember it is for the safety of all children.

    Thanks for helping us keep our students safe!