• Adult Transition Services

  • Our young adults have potential far beyond their education, and benefits to employers are many. Real-life, hands on work experiences put students in a place where they’re doing genuine work that matches their interests and serves business goals.

    Adult Transition Services is a Plano Independent School District program centered on providing life and employment skills to young adults with special needs. We offer a community based setting for qualified students to continue with special education services after completing credit requirements for graduation.  Along with skills-based training, young adults participate in authentic employment opportunities. Work based learning sites, such as Medical City Plano, have been in operation for 16 years. Other workplace options encompass a variety of industries. We work continuously with our business community to employ our young adults. 

    At the Solomon Center, we answer the question most asked by parents of young adults with special needs, “What’s next?” Our program prepares our youth for life after high school. We offer career exploration and skills training leading to job placement and independent living. Staff and volunteers work with each student to create an individualized plan to foster independence, self-advocacy, and employment.

    Through our work, we hope to inspire personal growth and development, instill employability skills, and allow our young adults to reach greater levels of independence. Employment offers a road to those goals.


    Instructional hours at the Solomon Center: 9:45 a.m.- 3:45 p.m.

  • Contacts for Transition Services
    Shelley Crowder
    Special Education
    Melissa Addison
    Special Education Services