• 2024-2025 Professional Learning Trade Days

  • November 25 and 26, 2024, are the two designated Trade Days for the school year. 

    Since the last day of the 2023-2024 school year was May 25, all learning starting on May 26, 2024, is trade-eligible for the 2024-2025 school year.

    ⭐Trade hours for 2024-2025 are due May 1, 2025.

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  •  All Professional Learning Trade Hours must be earned outside of your regular work day: summer, weekends, before or after school. 

  • Trade Hours

    • Trade Hours Requirement: For the 2024-2025 school year, teachers, campus administrators, and campus professionals (librarians, counselors, etc) are required to complete a minimum of 15 trade hours in exchange for not having to work on November 25 and 26.
    • How many trade hours do I have? Teachers can see how many trade hours they have by logging into PowerSchool Professional Learning and viewing their transcript. Click here for a short tutorial on finding your trade hours.
    • Where can I earn additional trade hours? For staff who are seeking further learning toward their T-TESS goals, several online learning opportunities are available. Click here to see online professional learning options. Any trade hours outside of campus requirements must be approved by a principal and align to campus goals, HRS, CIPs, or your TPG/SLO. We strongly encourage teachers to attend Summer Inspire and/or Trade Learning Saturdays to earn their required 15 Trade Hours.
    • When can I earn trade hours? These hours must be earned outside the regular work day or on non-contract days. For more detailed information including about trade hours related to specific roles, check out our Trade Hour FAQs.
    • When are trade hours due? Even though our trade days are in November, trade hours are due by May 1, 2025. Check your transcript in PowerSchool Develop to see how many trade hours you have accumulated.
    • What if I am a new hire who starts after the trade days for the year? Employees who start work after the trade dates have passed are not required to earn trade hours for the year, but they may still be required by their campus administrator to attend specific professional learning on the campus or in the district based on their assigned role. 

    Renewing a Standard Certificate

    • Per TEA guidelines, Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is required for all Texas educators holding a standard certificate. The appropriate number of clock-hours of continuing professional education (CPE) must be completed during each five-year renewal period (TAC §232.11).

    • Continuing professional education (CPE) is required to renew a standard certificate. Your certificate will be set to inactive status if you do not renew by the expiration date. CPE hours are required, even if your certificate has already been set to inactive status. Certificates cannot be renewed by completing examinations. 

    • Teachers must complete 150 CPE hours in order to renew their certificates.

    • From TEA Website: General CPE information is located on the Continuing Professional Education Information page, along with renewal FAQs.