• Speech

  • In Speech we work on:

    • listening skills
    • analyzing and problem solving skills
    • grammar skills - recognizing and using parts of speech
    • memory strategies
    • pragmatics - social language skills and behaviors
    • appropriate use of voice
    • fluency in speaking and reading
    • articulation skills
    • expressive language skills

    The development of strong language skills is such a vital part of learning to read and write, Molly and Ann's speech/language program tries to facilitate and promote steady growth in both receptive and expressive language skills.

    TIPS for Parents to Promote Strong Speech/Language Development

    • Expand on a young child’s phrases and sentences by adding adjectives and repeating them back to your child.
    • Play word/naming games while driving in the car. Name as many object/places you see.
    • Visit the grocery store with your child. Point out “groups” of foods, name foods, have your child retrieve 1-3 items from memory.
    • To help your child learn “position” words, using objects as simple as a chair, stuffed animal or coin. Play games with them (hide and seek, etc.) stating “where” the toy is (i.e., “under the chair”, “behind the bear”, etc.).