• Library

  • The library is open to students from 7:45a.m.-2:45 p.m. each day. Students visit during weekly class times and on an as needed basis to checkout new books. Library lessons support the classroom curriculum and strive to nurture an enjoyment and appreciation for literature. Through STEM activities ( robotics, engineering challenges)  students gain research and problem solving skills.

    The online catalog enables students to locate resources available in the library and online.


Checkout Policy

  • Harrington students in Kinder through 5th grade visit the library weekly for lessons and check out.  

    Kinder students borrow 1 book at a time. 

    1st-5th grade students borrow up to 2 books/magazines at a time.

    Books must be returned before new books can be checked out.

    Books that are damaged or lost must be paid for before a new book is checked out. 

    Parents will receive an automated call on the first Monday of the month alerting them to books that are more than 1 week overdue.


  • Kindergarten

    Mrs. Nguwen's Class: Wednesday 1:00-1:30

    Mrs. Smith's Class: Tuesday 1:00-1:30

    Mrs. Delaney's Class: Thursday 1:00-1:30

  • 1st Grade

    Ms. Birdwell's Class: Tuesday 8:30-9:00

    Mrs. Flores' Class: Tuesday 9:05-9:35

    Mrs. Weaver's Class: Tuesday 9:40-10:10


  • 2nd Grade

    Mrs. Culbreth's Class: Friday 8:30-9:00

    Ms. Miller's Class: Friday 9:05-9:35

    Mrs. Westenhiser's Class: Friday 9:40-10:10

  • 3rd Grade

    Ms. Krupa's Class: Thursday 8:40-9:25

    Mrs. Jones Class: Thursday 9:30-10:15

    Mrs. Wu's Class: Thursday 1:45-2:30

  • 4th Grade

    Ms. Sonnier Class: Wednesday 8:30-9:00

    Mrs. Taggart's Class: Wednesday 9:00-9:30

    Mrs. Lutz's  (Motley) Class: Wednesday 1:30-2:00

    Ms. Dueher's Class: Wednesday2:00-2:30

  • 5th Grade

    Mrs. Edwards' Homeroom: Monday 9:45-10:30

    Mrs. Clopton's Homeroom: Monday 

    Ms. Wang's Homeroom: Monday 1:30-2:15