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  • Ben Porter

    Mr. Porter

  • Program Information

    It is the belief of the music department that music is a language in and of itself and that each child should be given the opportunity to grow and succeed in this basic and natural means of human expression. Each child is provided with one music session per week. Each lesson is crafted to develop music skills through singing, playing musical games, folk dancing, reading, writing, and creating. The goal is to produce a musically literate child who can go on to enjoy music throughout his/her lifetime. Music crosses barriers of academic and aesthetic skills, which makes it a unique medium of stimulation. Lessons are prepared using the Kodály method of music education, a highly sequential and developmental method that uses the voice as the main instrument. Parents, this year at Beverly there will be a music program for each grade level. The performances will take place in the gym at 6:30 PM on the following dates:

    • 4th Grade - Oct 6
    • 3rd Grade - Nov 10
    • 5th Grade - Dec 13
    • 2nd Grade - Feb 16
    • 1st Grade - Apr 20
    • Kindergarten - May 4

    Parents, please try your best to make sure your child can attend these evening performances. The students work very hard preparing their programs, and they thrive when they have a chance to perform for their families. Most children do not realize how excited they are to perform, until the night of the performance.

  • Music Club

    Music Club is an after-school opportunity for students to perform music or dance in front of other student performers.

    •  Each Music Club date is only open to those performing that day.
    • Any child in Grades 2 – 5 can sign-up to perform a song, and if they have a sibling in K or 1st grade, they can attend or perform together.
    • If you have a student in Kindergarten or 1st grade who would like to perform, and they are the only child at the school, we can arrange for a parent to attend for supervision purposes.
    • Music Club is not open for non-performing students or parents to attend.
    • I will video the student performances and place them in a shared Google folder so that parents and family can see the performances.
    • The only way to attend Music Club is to sign up to perform using the QR code below.
    • Once you have signed up, Mr. Porter will schedule your performance spot and email a “ticket” for your parents to give you, that you must bring with you on the day of your performance.

     Student Performance Guidelines

    •  To sign up to perform at Music Club, scan the QR code Or  Sign up HERE 
    • If you plan on singing with a YouTube track, please include the video link on the sign-up form. 
    • Music Club meetings are held in the music room from 2:45 to 3:45 PM 

    There will be three additional Music Club dates in the spring semester.

  • QR Code for Music Club Attendance

    QR Code for Music Club

  • Special Projects

    Student Strummers Inc. is a program written by Mr. Porter in which he was given a grant to fund his fifth grade music program.

    Student Strummers Guide

  • Beverly Bobcat Song

    Words and Music by Patricia Stone, former Beverly Teacher & Librarian.