• Beverly Carpool Map

    Map of Beverly Dismissal Procedures

    Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade students and their siblings may be picked up in the circle drive directly in front of the building off of Duchess Drive.  Kindergarten parents will enter the circle drive in the right lane while First and Second Grade parents will enter the circle drive in the left lane.

    All students in Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade without a sibling in the younger grades can be picked up through the circle drive that enters and exits off of Needham Drive.  Cars should stay to the right lane of the circle drive, so Daycare vans and buses may pass on the left.

    The parking lot on the North side of the building will be closed from 2:15-3 pm daily.

    No dogs on school property.  No riding bikes, skates, or scooters on school property.

    All students and parents who walk home will be directed to the crosswalk/crossing guard at the corner of Duchess Drive and Needham Drive.