• About Us

  • We are an innovative, project-based 9th-12th grade learning community committed to fostering a professional environment, inspiring creativity, and empowering students to collaborate and compete in a rapidly changing world. With an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) and interdisciplinary connections, student learning will be anchored in real world experiences which rely on continuous collaboration with others both inside and outside the school.

  • Academic Calendar

    Academic Calendar

  • AHS traffic pattern

    Traffic routes

  • Bus Routes

    Bus Routes

  • Learner Handbook

    Learner Handbook

  • Lunch 12:30PM-1:30PM


    Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE is a learner to have food delivered to them by a 3rd party vendor. Failure to follow the expectation will result in disciplinary consequences.

    3rd and 4th Year - Off Campus Lunch:

    • Learners may leave campus and are expected to return between 1:15 and 1:25.
    • Learners are prohibited from bringing food back to campus. Food brought back will be confiscated.

  • Outside Therapy on Campus

    • Student therapy should not be conducted by non-Plano ISD staff or non-Plano ISD contracted therapists on Plano ISD campuses or other facilities during the school day. 
    • If students need mental health and/or other support during the school day, campus counselors or Plano ISD social workers should be requested to assist. 
    • Parents may also check-out their student for a temporary absence resulting from an appointment with a health-care professional for the student or the student’s child if the student commences classes or returns to school on the same day of the appointment (for an excused absence, the appointment must be supported by a document such as a note from the health-care professional). Absences will be evaluated according to Board Policy FEA. Plano ISD may also evaluate any additional needs and/or referrals in accordance with Section 504 and the IDEA.

  • Parking Passes

    If you have purchased a Parking Pass via parent portal, please go to the Reception desk during lunch (12:35-1:15) for pick up.
    If you would like to purchase a parking pass, please log on to Parent Portal and select PAY NOW, follow instructions.

    Learner must have a valid driver’s license to obtain a parking pass.

  • SchoolCafe (lunch Account)

    SchoolCafe (lunch Account)

  • Student Absence reporting

    Please report all student absences by email at 008absence@pisd.edu or by telephone at 972-905-8100.

  • Student ID Badges


    Plano ISD requires all students in grades 6-12 to wear their student ID card visibly at all times. AHS learners may use a lanyard or a clip. Badges that are clipped should be clipped to the collar of a shirt, not to a pants pocket or the bottom of a shirt.

    • Learners who have a student ID from last year should wear it now.
    • Seniors who have had their Senior Pictures taken need to wear their ID now
    • All learners will have pictures taken Friday, August 12, and will have a badge issued at that time.

    Thank you for your support of this mandatory safety & security practice.

    ReplacementStudent ID Badges:

    • Student IDs are required by Plano ISD policy in grades 6-12
    • The initial student ID was issued by photographer (with lanyard) free of charge
    • Replacement IDs are charged a $5 replacement fee

  • School Supply List

    To see the supply list for the 2024-25 school year, click on the link below this image.

    * Click here to see the AHS 2024-25 school supply list for learners.

  • Transportation Services

    Transportation Services

    The Transportation Department would like to remind campuses and families that students are not allowed to ride home on any other bus other than the bus they are assigned. Below you will find the insert under the FAQs on the Transportation website:

    Can students ride on different buses?

    • All students must ride their assigned bus.

    Can students get on/off at a different bus stop?

    • Bus-hopping or changing from assigned buses is not permitted. Students may ONLY utilize their designated stop as assigned by Transfinder. For the safety of the operator of the vehicle and all passengers, students must board buses or other vehicles only at their assigned stops, and drivers must only unload passengers at the authorized stops. Buses will stop at designated stops only.

    When we start allowing students to ride on buses other than their assigned bus, the liability to the campus and the Transportation department increases. This may lead to overcrowding on the buses, since we have condensed several routes in order to optimize ridership on all buses. If your student needs to go home with another student, please make arrangements for alternate transportation.

    Thank you for making student safety a priority.

    For additional information on transportation, please visit the transportation website. Here is a quick Transportation FAQ link for your convenience.

  • Visitors

    For safety and security reasons, all visitors (including parents and former learners) MUST check in at the front desk and present a state issued photo ID. In special circumstances, permission in advance from an administrator or staff member may be given for a visitor to be on campus during school hours. In general, visitors are not allowed in the classrooms, particularly during regular learning hours to preserve the academic environment. Visitors to campus will only be allowed in the area for which they are authorized. 


    Welcome to the Plano Independent School District Academy High School. We are proud of our schools and welcome visitors. In order to protect the security of our students, staff, and the learning environment at this school, visitors are requested to conform to the following guidelines:

    1. All visitors to any campus must report to the school office, present government-issued photo ID, sign in according to District procedures, state their reason for being on campus, and obtain approval from the principal or designee. Visitors representing organizations may be required to provide documentation of their affiliation to the group or organization.

    2. All visitors to school campuses must wear a visitor name badge provided by the school office. Any District employee observing any person at a campus or in a restricted area of other District facilities without a visitor name badge may inquire as to the person’s reason for being at the location and may direct the person to the office for the purpose of obtaining a visitor name badge. Persons who appear to present a security concern should be reported immediately to law enforcement and district security.

    3. Visitors who wish to disseminate information to students or staff must comply with District Board policy GKDA(LOCAL)

    4. Visitors may not recruit for fund-raising activities, religious groups, youth groups, or political causes when visiting school campuses in accordance with District policy.

    5. Clergy and other representatives of religious organizations (ministers, rabbis, imams, priests, and the like) or youth group representatives may visit their congregants and have lunch with them but will not use the visit to proselytize to others.

    6. Media representatives will arrange visits to school campuses with the communications department at the central office.

    7. Visitors are requested to wear appropriate attire when visiting district schools. [See FNCA]

    8. A request for a parent and/or others to visit a classroom must be approved by the teacher and the principal. Approval will be subject to the classroom activities scheduled for the day of the requested visit and must be conducted in accordance with District policies.

    9. Due to privacy issues, videotaping in the classroom by parents is not permitted. Exceptions will be granted only by the Superintendent or designee.

    10. A visitor who fails to comply with any of these guidelines and/or district policies may be prohibited from visiting the school.

    For more information, please visit the PISD Safety & Security Services webpage.