• Payments & Refunds

  • Cash/Check Payments

    PISD accepts pre-printed checks only (check contains pre-printed name, address, phone number, sequential check number with bank routing number and the checkng account number imprinted on the bottom left portion of the check.) No temporary checks will be accepted.

    When sending cash/check to deposit in your student’s meal account, place funds in an envelope and include the following information:

    1. Student Name(s)

    2. Student I.D. Number(s)

    3. Student Grade(s)

    4. Amount for each student

    5. Check #

    6. Parent/Guardian Name

    Make checks payable to Food and Nutritional Services.

  • Student Account Refund Request

    You must be the legal guardian of the student to make the request.

    Credit Card Refunds:  School Days - allow 1 week to process.

    Check Refunds:  School Days - allow 1 - 2 weeks to process.

    Complete the Refund Request Form 

  • Student Account Transfer Request

    Transfer funds from one sibling account to another within the SAME campus.
    Transfer funds from one sibling account to another within a DIFFERENT campus.
    • School Days - allow 1 week to process

              Complete the  Transfer Fund Request Form

  • Online PayPAMS Payment

    PayPAMS.com is a pre-payment website for school meals. You may access the web site to perform the following actions on your student's account.

    • Pay for the school meals
    • Check account balance
    • Set up automatic payment
    • Monitor cafeteria purchases
    • Check payment historyPayPams.com

    How to create an account?

    New Users can follow the steps to set up your new account:
    1. Go to PayPAMS.com and click on the 'Sign Up Now!' button on the home page. 

    2. Select your state, and then select Plano ISD.

    3. Create a username and password and enter your contact information.

    4. Add children to your account.

    5. Make payments or set up automatic payments based on low balance.

    How soon will the payment be available in the student account?

    You can make payments immediately upon registration.  It takes up to 2 school days before balances and cafeteria purchases will be displayed. If you cannot view balances two days after you added funds to the student’s account, contact customer support from the 'Contact Us' page.


    Can I set up low balance automatic payments?

    Yes, PayPAMS recommends triggering automatic payments when the student meal account balance falls below $12.00. Having a lower 'minimum balance' when setting up Automatic Payments may not allow enough time to replenish your student's account. 


    Will I be notified on automatic payments?

     If you sign up for Automatic Payments, you will receive an email confirmation of the payment, including current balance.

  • PayPams

    PayPAMS automatic payments and email notifications will be suspended during school closure.