• How does the Foundation funding process work?

    Once your Program is selected, the Foundation spends that year fundraising on your behalf. This could include, visiting corporate sponsors and writing grants on your behalf. If a corporate sponsor makes a donation to your program or we write a grant and it’s funded, the Foundation receives the donation and it’s transferred to your Program via Plano ISD Finance.

  • If my Program is accepted does this mean I’m guaranteed funding?

    The Foundation always strives to meet all Program goals. With your assistance, we will work hard to meet and exceed your goal. However, this is not a promise and it should not be considered a guarantee. We suggest these funds be viewed as a gift and not part of your Program budget.

  • Does the Foundation have a big pot of money they give out annually?

    We wish! That would be awesome! The way the Foundation was established 25 years ago, we currently fundraise and gift the money in the same academic year. This means that gifts may come in randomly throughout the year to your Program. Your goal may be $50,000 but it comes in through smaller donations throughout the year. Very rarely will you receive all of your funds in one lump sum.

  • Are there items the Foundation will not cover?

    Each year the Foundation board is a little different, so it’s hard to predict exactly what they will and won’t fund. Typically, they will not provide funding for curriculum, food, event spaces or scholarships.

  • How much money does the Foundation gift to Programs?

    The Foundation fundraises approximately $1,000,000 annually.

  • I'd like to set up a scholarship fund. How do I do that?

    The Foundation partners with the Hendrick Scholarship Foundation for all scholarships. Please contact them directly.