• Strategic Plan 2023 - 2027

    Mission Statement

    Helping all students in Plano public schools achieve their full potential by providing financial support to educators and academic programs.

    Supporting Statement

    The foundation creates a vibrant coalition of community, educators and local corporations to raise funds through tax-deductible donations. The funds support academic programs to achieve excellence in science and math, to bridge the gap for economically disadvantaged students, and provide educator grants to create innovative teaching programs.

  • Focus Areas

    The Plano ISD Education Board of Directors met on September 12, 2022 to update the Foundation's strategic plan using the following areas of focus.

    • Fortify alignment with Plano ISD to enable expanding existing leading edge programs and critical investments for upcoming
    • Collaborate with Plano ISD to understand the emerging student and/or growing experience gap needs in order to shape future fundraising
    • Maintain an organizational framework that ensures the overall growth and sustainability of the Foundation.
    • Continue to leverage the strength of the fundraising program while broadening the base of donors.
    • Effectively launch the endowment program for the Fine Arts Center

    Goal Area 1

    Marketing - to increase the community's awareness of, support for and engagement with the PISD Education Foundation.

  • OBJECTIVE 1.1: Create clarity of the PISD Education Foundation's purpose and impact

    • Strategy 1.1.1: Create a vision statement and update the current mission statement to more accurately reflect the work the Education Foundation is currently doing.
    • Strategy 1.1.2: Create an updated Education Foundation overview video and series of short videos to share on all applicable District and Foundation platforms (who are we, what do we do, etc.).
    • Strategy 1.1.3: Create a formal, annual marketing plan that includes an editorial calendar, audit of communication channels, lists of messaging goals and target audiences.
    • Strategy 1.1.4: Partner with the Plano ISD communications department to develop co-branded marketing and communications opportunities.
    • Strategy 1.1.5: Explore the cost and need to hire a contract graphic designer to refresh Education Foundation branding.

  • OBJECTIVE 1.2: Increase community visibility year-over-year

    • Strategy 1.2.2: Explore sponsorship/partnership opportunities at signature district events and community events to gain exposure.
    • Strategy 1.2.3: Advertise for PISD Education Foundation at the events we fund (i.e. at robotics competitions, graduation ceremonies, football games, etc. - consider doing giveaways).
    • Strategy 1.2.4: Launch a community campaign in the spring to help reach new community/business audiences and raise unrestricted funds.
    • Strategy 1.2.5: Invest in sponsored content in local online and print publications (e.g. Community Impact).

  • OBJECTIVE 1.3: Increase number of businesses, corporations and individuals that support the Education Foundation

    • Strategy 1.3.1: Connect with the new City of Plano Economic Development director to help connect with current and incoming businesses headquartered in Plano (reach out to Richardson as well).
    • Strategy 1.3.2: Identify ways to reach small businesses.
    • Strategy 1.3.3: Update the Education Foundation's corporate database.
    • Strategy 1.3.4: Work with current program partners/donors to create short videos highlighting why they chose to give and the impact their support is making on that program.

  • Goal Area 2

    Fundraising - create an actionable fundraising plan/outline.

  • OBJECTIVE 2.1: Targeted fundraising goals by source (alumni, planned/legacy giving, target by demographics, Plano ISD vendors, community leaders)

    • Strategy 2.1.1: Identify and create a current database of contact information for past board members.
    • Strategy 2.1.2: Research and create a database of contact information for famous / successful alumni.
    • Strategy 2.1.3: Build a database by searching lists like the PAC list, past SKI Plano guests, eNews list and past campaign finance reports from the school board, city council and state legislative races (Jeff Leach, Candy Noble, Justin Holland, Matt Shaheen, Angela Paxton, Bob Hall).
    • Strategy 2.1.4: Connect with estate planners and financial planners and create a plan to engage them and their clients with the Foundation through planned giving.

  • OBJECTIVE 2.2: Create sponsorship levels/recognition

    • Strategy 2.2.1: Create standard sponsorship levels and recognition benefits that apply to all program partners that include both monetary and in-kind donations / sponsorships (there may be some exceptions to this guideline).

  • OBJECTIVE 2.3: Consider hiring consultants/professionals (planned giving education/data collection, event planning, marketing)

    • Strategy 2.3.1: Research contract staff familiar with the Plano ISD community to help update the donor database.
    • Strategy 2.3.2: Audit the existing donor database system (i.e. CRM) and explore the need for a new solution.
    • Strategy 2.3.3: Explore the cost and need to hire a contractor to assist with grant writing.

  • Goal Area 3

    Community/Business Relationships - Increase fundraising by 25% by identifying new donors, strengthening existing partnerships, and encouraging innovative programs that align with district priorities.

  • OBJECTIVE 3.1: Develop and identify new donors and partners

    • Strategy 3.1.1: Encourage board members to tap into their existing relationships for partnership opportunities, including CPAs and estate planning advisors.
    • Strategy 3.1.2: Develop a toolkit for board members and community use.
    • Strategy 3.1.3: Create a gifts campaign designed for individual donors of all sizes that includes benefits that are a better fit for individual donors; encourage individual donors to give a reoccurring donation monthly, quarterly or yearly, and take advantage of matching employer grants when available.
    • Strategy 3.1.4: Identify a plan to engage parents (particularly at the elementary level) and make it easy for them to learn about the Education Foundation, to engage and contribute.
    • Strategy 3.1.5: Identify a plan to engage community members without students currently in the district.

  • OBJECTIVE 3.2: Strengthen and maintain existing donor relationships and partnerships

    • Strategy 3.2.1: Find new ways to publicly recognize partners and donors and provide them with more giving benefits (i.e. Partners in Education Program).
    • Strategy 3.2.2: Create a more robust engagement plan for current donors (e.g. handwritten thank you's from the board, a yearly recap of the impact of their investment, photos/video/testimony from program directors and students, etc.).

  • OBJECTIVE 3.3: Identify or solicit new programming ideas through partnerships

    • Strategy 3.3.1: Create new ways to engage with partners through unique programming (e.g. Principal for a Day, workforce development, teacher development, etc.).

  • Budget and Operational Implications

    There are several budget and operational implications of the recommended objectives and actions. An initial short list of the implications is given below:

    • Build marketing expertise (or get pro bono help) to establish brand for the organization – tagline, key messages
    • Budget for the development of marketing campaigns and creation of collateral material like printing of brochures, letterhead, newsletters to deliver the message effectively.
    • Budget for professional help to manage all web, email, marketing and survey activities; and a part-time technical writer and process to collect material associated with online eNewsletter program.
    • Identify and implement a survey tool for conducting and analyzing evaluations
    • Build relationship with Estate Planning professionals to conduct seminars.
    • Hire staff to support program and fundraising as needed.

    This list will need to be reviewed and revised by the specific committees responsible for the implementation of the actions; specific budget estimates need to be developed and approved to implement these actions.

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