Grants to Educators

  • Grants to Educators Partnership Opportunities Available for 2023

    Grants to Educators: A Program of the Plano ISD Education Foundation

    The Grants to Educators program is funded annually by the Plano ISD Education Foundation (PISDEF) and by our business partners. Thank you to our 2022 founding sponsor Park Place Lexus Plano, as well as 2022 sponsors HEB and COSERV Charitable Foundation. You can help support teachers across the district by sponsoring the annual Grants to Educators program for 2023. CLICK HERE for more information. Grants to Educators help Plano ISD educators enhance instruction in schools and classrooms across the district. “Everyone who has the privilege to participate in this event loves seeing our teachers’ exuberance and appreciation as we present them with these grants! These grants symbolize that we believe in them and in the work that they are doing for our Plano ISD students,” said Plano ISD Education Foundation Senior Executive Director Brittnea Ussery.


    Logos: Park Place Lexus Plano, HEB and Coserv Charitable Foundation

    Congratulation to our 2022 Grant Recipients (Listed by Campus)

  • 101 Plano ISD Teachers Surprised on November 3, 2022 with $127,000+ in Grants From Education Foundation

    Amid gleeful smiles and student cheers, 101 Plano ISD teachers across 54 schools were surprised on Thursday, November 3 with $127,000+ in grants to support on-campus initiatives that promote student enrichment. These grants are funded annually by the Plano ISD Education Foundation and business sponsors.

    I love getting to see how excited the students are for their teachers, especially those younger students who don’t bother to hide their excitement. All of them will have a story to tell – their teacher is a winner, and those lucky students will find out in the grant presentation what their teacher has planned for them. Whatever the grant is intended for, we know that it is something special that was only made possible with the generous support of the Education Foundation and their partners.” stated Plano ISD Superintendent Dr. Theresa Williams. 

    The grant process began weeks ago as educators across the district were invited to apply. Grant applications were judged by a crew of volunteers who completed a scoring rubric that aimed to rate applications on important elements like expected outcomes and how the grant money will be spent. Details regarding the research behind the requests as well as how projects support the Plano ISD strategic plan were also required in the applications. 

    Funded grants run the gamut from science, English language learning, special education, libraries, field trips and more. They include programs for all age levels from preK to senior high.