• Student Resume

    How to Write a High School Resume

    The Activities Resume is an informal part of your application. The purpose of the activities resume is to highlight personal achievements and provide admissions officers with information about you that is not included on the academic transcript. 

  • College Fairs & Visits

    College Visits

    College visits are excused absences! 3rd and 4th Year Learners can have up to FOUR excused absences for college visits PER YEAR!

    In order for the college visit to be an excused absence, learners are required to provide one of the following items, after the visit.

    • a document issued by the college
    • college letterhead with the student’s name and date on it

    College Fairs

    Your counselors host many college fairs throughout the school year. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to college admissions officers, and become familiar with schools you are interested in applying to. These representatives like to answer questions about what makes their institution so special.

    Here is a check list of tips that will help you stand out and get the most out of college fairs. Be prepared!

    Before you attend a college fair:

    • Find out which colleges will be at the college fair, (typically there are flyers posted around the school and the information is shared in eNews), write down the names of those that you want to learn about.

    • Make a list of any questions you have. For example: How would you describe your student body’s personality? What is the campus atmosphere like?

    • How would you describe students’ relationships with professors?

    • What is the most popular major on your campus?

    • How do you award scholarships and financial aid?

    • Are freshmen required to live on campus?

    • Do you have fraternities and sororities on campus?

    • Bring your list, a pen, paper and a bag to hold college brochures.

    • Make sure the email address that you give out won’t embarrass you- remember, college admission officers will see it.

    • Wear clothing that shows you take pride in your appearance. Do not wear anything provocative, unprofessional, or sloppy.

    • Here’s your chance to make a great first impression!

    While you’re at a college fair:

    • Find the table locations of the schools on your list.

    • Wait your turn. There may be many students waiting to visit… your time will come.

    • Show confidence and professionalism.

    • Introduce yourself with your first and last name.

    • Shake hands with a firm grip.
      Look the representative in the eye while speaking and listening.

    • Ask your questions. Listen thoughtfully to their answer and ask follow-up questions, if you want to know more about that subject. When they ask you a question, answer it with confidence and honesty.

    • Shake their hand and say, “Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to learning more about _______.”

    • Take a minute to jot down any information you think is important before moving on the next table.

    • Check out some of the other tables when you’re done with the colleges on your list. You may stumble onto a great college you hadn’t considered.

    Great Job!

    When you get home:

    • Ask yourself which colleges stood out and why.

    • Organize the college material you collected, review it that week while it’s fresh in your mind.

    • Go over any notes you took during the fair.

    • Throw out the pamphlets of colleges that you’ve ruled out, so you can focus on the colleges that you’re interested in.

    • Do more research on the colleges you are considering. Explore websites, contact the admission office, and plan a campus visit.

  • Using SchooLinks to track Applications

    SchooLinks is an all-in-one student success platform that allows students to explore college and career readiness. It is an important part of the college admission process.  All students have access through an app linked to their Webdesk
    Quick Start Guide

  • Requesting a Transcript

    It is recommended that you submit the college application before requesting a transcript. The college may discard the transcript if they don’t have an application on file.  For information about transcripts, CLICK HERE

  • Requesting a Counselor/ Teacher Recommendation

    Letter of Recommendation Form

    Verify that your college/university requires a Counselor Letter of Recommendation. Complete the form and return to your counselor at least 2 weeks before it is due.  

    Students needing a Teacher Recommendation must first ask the teacher if they are willing to write the recommendation letter.  If so, the student needs to then send the teacher a recommendation request through their SchoolLinks account. 

  • Submitting an Application

    • Submit ACTSAT or TSI scores to the school (these are NOT on your transcript!)
    • Apply for Financial Aid as needed.
    • Make sure you are meeting both admission and financial aid deadlines. 


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