• Current Students

    All current students must utilize SchooLinks to request their Transcripts.


    Instructions on how to request/download transcripts from SchooLinks can be found here.

  • Class of 2023 and Earlier and Other Records

    Records requests for students with graduation dates of 2023 and prior will contact Records Management Department of PISD. Former students who would like a copy of their transcript or other records for admissions, personal reasons, scholarships, employers, etc, please:

  • Official vs Unofficial Transcript

    What’s the difference between an OFFICIAL and an UNOFFICIAL transcript?

    Both documents are accurate representations of your academic record. However, the information appears differently and has different levels of security.

  • Official Transcripts

    • An OFFICIAL transcript is printed on special, watermarked paper. Official paper transcripts are sent in a sealed, signature-stamped envelope. It has the Registrar's signature and title. It must be delivered on your behalf by the Registrar's Office to the 3rd party(ies) you have indicated.
    • The OFFICIAL eTranscript is delivered as a secured PDF document that certifies the authenticity of the document. It can be delivered on your behalf by the Registrar's Office to the 3rd party(ies) via applications such as Parchment, Schoolinks and TREx.

  • Three types of official transcripts

    There are three types of official transcripts – initial, mid-year, and final.

    • The Initial transcript reflects a student's grades 9th – 11th grade.
    • The Mid-year transcript reflects a student's grades 9th – 11th grade plus the first semester of their senior year.

    Initial and Mid-year official Transcripts are signed by the Registrar.

    • The Final transcript reflects all of a student’s grades 9-12 and will be available a few weeks after graduation. This copy will have the graduation date as well as school principal’s signature.

  • Unofficial Transcripts

    • The UNOFFICIAL Transcript looks the same as the Official Transcript, with the word "Working copy" printed across the document. Password protected PDF copies can be emailed or printed.
    • An official transcript which is printed then re-scanned in an email is considered UNOFFICIAL.
    • Personal Transcripts and Working Transcripts are the same. Simply two different ways to say UNOFFICIAL transcript.
    • Unofficial transcripts are never signed by the Registrar or Principal of the school.

  • When do you use an Unofficial Transcript?

    This is helpful for internal purposes, such as applying for jobs, scholarships or internships, to show the types of courses you have taken, or to apply for a grant. It can be used for college applications that require self-reporting. It can also be used to show proof of enrollment in a future term when an unofficial document is acceptable or for advising purposes. Institutions will clearly mark when unofficial transcripts are accepted. When in doubt provide an official copy.

  • When do you use an Official Transcript?

    Students request Official Transcripts through the Registrar's Office when applying to universities, for employment opportunities, security clearances, internships and volunteer work. Institutions will clearly mark when official transcripts are required. When in doubt provide an official copy. This copy is always sent from the school directly to the institution. Once you have been accepted to the university of your choice, an OFFICIAL FINAL copy will be sent to the college.

  • Who can request transcripts?

    • A parent or guardian can request a transcript for a high school student under the age of 18. Once a graduate has turned 18 years of age, OR is in a post-secondary setting. We can only honor transcript requests from the graduate.
    • 1st-2nd and 3rd Year students may request an unofficial transcript.
    • 2 nd & 3 rd Years will receive their transcripts during their academic conferences in the spring. Any transcript requests before then will not have a GPA.
    • 1st Years will receive their transcript during their 2nd year Spring Academic Conference. Any transcript requests before then will not have a GPA.