• Schoolinks

    SchooLinks is an all-in-one student success platform that allows students to explore college and career readiness. At Academy High School, it is also an important part of the college admission process. All students have access through an app linked to their Webdesk. 

    Students will use SchooLinks to request transcripts, teacher recommendation letters and track other important parts of the college admission process.

    Schoolinks Support and FAQ.

  • Parent/Guardian Resources:

    Schoolinks parents/guardian log-in instructions:

    • Your child will log into their account.
    • Click on the "Settings" wheel in the top right-hand corner.
    • Click on "Account Settings",
    • Click on "Your Guardians
    • Click on "View Guardian Instructions and Unique Claim Code"

    Parent will then:

    • Go to Schoolinks,
    • Click on "Guardians and Members" option,
    • Click on "Sign Up as a Guardian" at the bottom
    • Enter the code from your student and follow instructions
    • Log in to your account and explore!

    Need more detailed instructions?  Visit Schoolinks

    Onboarding for Guardians

    Guardian Presentation