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  • The CORE Store's mission is to help students succeed by equipping teachers with donated classroom resources, providing an opportunity for every Plano ISD student to have the supplies required for success in school.

    How To Reserve Your Spot At The CORE Store!

    The CORE Store allows teachers to shop for additional school supplies for their students at no cost. Across the district 16,164 students (about 30%) qualify for free or reduced cost meals, with some campuses reaching as high as 90%. For these campuses, school supplies and classroom materials represent a day-to-day struggle for many students. Reservation form.

  • Most Requested Items

    • Calculators (basic, graphic & scientific)
    • Clorox wipes
    • Colored pencils
    • Compasses
    • Construction paper
    • Copy/Computer paper
    • Correction Tape
    • Dividers
    • Dry Erase Markers
    • Graph Paper
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Highlighters
    • Markers
    • Mechanical Pencils
    • Pencil Lead
    • Pencils
    • Pens
    • Permanent Markers
    • Play Doh
    • Post Its
    • Protractors
    • Rulers
    • Scissors (Adult & Children)
    • Staplers & Staples
    • Storage Bags
    • Tissue
    • Watercolors (Paint)
    • White Out
    • Whiteboard Erasers
    • Whiteboard Spray

  • How to order supply packs

    EPI website information for supply drives
    How to order the supply packs

    Using the link below one can order supplies at wholesale pricing.  There ae 3 different options. Once these orders are received, they will be delivered directly to the CORE Store.

    Here is the site for the COR244 lists: http://www.educationalproducts.com/donate/loginlink.aspx?OrgId=COR244

  • Contact Us

    Email: COREStore@pisd.edu
    3900 West 15th St. Suite 102
    Plano, TX 75075