• Meet Mrs. Hentges - Principal and Campus Behavior Coordinator

    Welcome to Wyatt and the 2022 - 2023 school year! 

    We are happy to begin this year with new energy and excitement about what's ahead. We have  learned many things over the course of the last two years; most importantly, that we can overcome any challenges that face us, and maintain a caring and nurturing environment regardless of what is happening in the world. Our students are happy and feel safe when they come to school and we never want that to change. With safety being a concern for all of us, our staff is committed to very tight safety protocols. In addition, we intend to help our families and community feel informed about the types of drills we are practicing. Our parents are our most important partners, and I welcome any questions to further your understanding of what we are doing. 

    I am beginning my 29th year with our awesome district and 8th year as principal at Wyatt!  I feel extremely privileged to be a part of PISD and Wyatt's outstanding community of learners. Our teachers and students strive to learn something new every day, and we believe we have created an atmosphere that invites students to be engaged, take a risk, and tap into their creativity. Although student achievement drives our work each day, we believe that the social- emotional development of our children is equally important.  Therefore, we invest a significant amount of time building strong relationships within our classroom and grade-level communities.  We want every child to feel valued and respected and we know that they need guidance in working through the process of growing up. 

    Our hope is to partner with you while your child attends Wyatt; we value your support and participation and there are so many opportunities for you to become involved. Our teachers are commited to building strong parent partnerships and 100% of our staff has joined PTA.  It is my hope that 100% of our parents will do the same. Becoming a member can make all the difference! Our PTA is the driving force of all the ‘extras’ that our students get and let me just say, there are so many extras!  

    I was raised in Chicago, Illinois and attended the awesome University of Illinois. This is where I began my journey in education. It’s also where I met my husband, Joe.  We have three wonderful children – all attended Plano Schools and Texas Universities. We couldn’t be prouder or more grateful to PISD for the foundation they provided for all of our kids.  I have been a substitute, a teacher, a specialist and now an administrator in Plano! 

    Many of your children will move on to Rice Middle School, or another middle school, when they complete 5th grade at Wyatt; our mission is to Build a Firm Foundation so they are fully prepared for the next phase of their education. The foundation encompasses more than academics - it's developing the whole child, tapping into their creativity and problem solving skills, teaching them how to prioritize and organize, building friendships and healthy relationships, and so much more! We will get them where they need to be by the time they reach the middle school milestone.

    I want to encourage all parents to get to know our community by attending all of our family events! I never met such a warm and welcoming community that is diverse and extremely supportive! 

    Wishing you all the best year ever! 





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Cynthia Hentges