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    The counseling and guidance program at Gulledge enhances every child’s school experience. In a relaxed and trusting environment, the Gulledge counselor provides a safe place for children to express thoughts and share ideas. All students have classroom guidance on a bi-monthly basis for one half hour. In this classroom setting, lessons are taught on conflict resolution, friendship skills, communication, feelings, study skills, personal safety, career guidance, decision making, drug awareness, and diversity. Individual and group sessions are provided on a recommended basis. Students can be referred by teachers, parents, or the students themselves.

    In the fifth grade we have the KIND kids program which encourages students to perform acts of kindness and compassion towards others. The KIND kids students not only help out Gulledge teachers and staff on a weekly basis, but also organize projects to help people in our community. Drug prevention and peer pressure interventions are also practiced and celebrated.

    All students at Gulledge are served by the Guidance program. It is a part of the school day that helps each child realize that he/she is a special human being. The Gulledge counselor also coordinates the testing program within the building, works with parents, and supports classroom teachers to insure the success of each student.

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