• Hightower Information

  • School Spirit

    Mascot: Tiger

    Colors: Hunter Green and Gold

    School Song

  • Mediation

    Students at Hightower learn how to solve their own problems with the head and the heart, not the hand, by using mediation.

    Each student becomes proficient in the problemsolving technique.

    Students can be seen helping friends solve problems.

    Mediation: Settling differences or quarrels

    Mediator:One who settles differences

    • Talk it out
    • Listen to each other
    • Build trust
    • Work together
    • Be a friend
    • Take turns
    • Share chance
    • Postpone / wait
    • Avoid
    • Get help
    • Apologize
    • Humor
    • I message
    • Compromise

  • School Hours and Attendance

    School Hours
    Kindergarten - 5th Grade
    7:45 am - 2:45 pm

    The building front doors are open for students at 7:30 am

    Gym doors are open at 7:00 am for students who arrive early

    If a student will be late or absent, a parent should call 469-752-1800 before 8:15 am

    If a student is late for any reason, he/she should go to the office immediately upon arriving at school. A late student must sign in and get a pass before going to the classroom

    When a student is absent, he/she must bring a note from a parent to school on his/her first day back

    Students should be picked up promptly at 2:45 pm and 12:00 noon on Early Release days.

  • School Principles

    • We treat others the way we want to be treated.
    • We show respect for others and their possessions.
    • We keep hands, feet and other objects to ourselves.
    • We use acceptable language.
    • We follow directions.
    • We use a two inch voice.
    • We are courteous.
    • We do our personal best at all times.
    • Quality work and quality behavior are our goals.
    • We use our best manners.
    • We take good care of our school and all of our learning tools.

  • Teacher Rules

    • I teach when there are no distractions
    • I listen to one person at a time
    • I listen to people who raise their hand
    • I work on problems when I am not teaching
    • I let children go to the bathroom, get a drink, or sharpen their pencil when I am not teaching
    • You can do anything you want in this classroom as long as it doesn’t cause a problem for anyone on the face of the earth
    • If you cause a problem, you have to solve the problem in a way that doesn’t cause a problem for anyone else
    • You may not use the area where you caused a problem until you solve the problem
    • If you break the rules, I will do something, and I will be fair. If you say it’s not fair, and you can bring a good case, I’ll listen and we will talk.

  • Tiger Manners

    • We will say yes instead of yeah.
    • We will say no instead of nope or nah.
    • We will speak when spoken to (ex. Good morning, Mrs……)
    • We will make eye contact when being spoken to or when we are speaking to someone.
    • We will smile and be friendly to others.
    • We will say please, thank you, and you’re welcome when appropriate.
    • We will respond to compliments in an appropriate manner. (ex. Thank you for….)
    • We will shake hands when appropriate.
    • We will walk around people who are having a conversation.
    • We will speak to people in a friendly, appropriate voice.
    • We will use “excuse me” when leaving a group or room.
    • We will wait until someone is finished speaking before we begin speaking.
    • We will open doors for people when they need help.
    • We will offer an older person a chair first.
    • We will show respect for speakers by listening with our eyes, ears, and whole body.
    • We will use audience etiquette at all assemblies or public gatherings.
    • We will use “pardon me” when we need for someone to repeat a statement or get someone’s attention.

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