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  • Grade Level Information

    In Kindergarten we strive to teach our students respect and responsibility which will help them make good choices.  At this age students enjoy working in small groups.  We provide a variety of materials for hands-on learning and problem solving. The Kindergarten team is committed to providing our students with educational experiences that will enhance their future.  We look forward to a successful year. 

  • School/Home Communications

    The Kindergarten SMORE eNews will be emailed each week.  Each eNews will have information about what is happening and dates for Kindergarten.

    You may also receive communication from your child's teacher as needed.  This will be done by phone, email, or letter.  Your child's teacher may also contact you via the student’s AVID Folder. Please review your child's folder and sign every night.

    Please feel free to call us when you have any questions.  Our planning time is from 12:45 - 1:35 each day.  You can also contact us after school.  If we are busy, please leave a detailed voice mail with your name, your child’s name, and contact number. We will return your call within 24 hours.

  • Homework

    Reading- 10 - 15 minutes nightly

    Monthly Homework Calendar starting in September – Your child will receive a monthly homework calendar at the beginning of each month.  There will be activities to complete that will review the skills that we are covering in class each week. Your child’s teacher may also send home different work if needed.

  • Reporting Accomplishments

    In Kindergarten we have portfolios in all subject areas.  The portfolio is a system of organizing and reporting what a student has learned.  Each student's work samples will be kept in a portfolio to demonstrate his or her progress.  The contents of this portfolio will be shared with you at the three scheduled conferences held during the school year and at Open House.  Between conferences, if you have concerns or questions, please feel free to contact your child's teacher.  Our first portfolio conference will be in October. The remaining two conference dates will be scheduled in February and May.

  • Parent Handbook

    Kindergarten Parent Handbook - English

    Kindergarten Parent Handbook - Spanish

  • Volunteer

    We welcome volunteers in Kindergarten!  We have many opportunities for you to share your time and talents.  Please sign up with your child's teacher and let them know your interests. We have many areas that we enjoy having our parents help with. These include working at centers, bringing home work (making books, cutting, gluing), working with students other than centers, working at school with displays, preparing activities, and volunteering for field trips or special classroom projects.

    We ask that all volunteers have a criminal background check on file with the office. We are able to be successful because of the tireless efforts of our volunteers, so please let us know what you would like to do!

  • Classroom Management Program

    Our classroom management program centers on positive reinforcement with "SOAR" expectations. 

    We use many positive rewards, such as verbal praise, stickers, treasure boxes, and school rewards to encourage high performance and good behavior.

    S - Safe

    O - On Task

    A - Accountable

    R - Respectful

    We have used "SOAR" to set expectations for the classroom, hallway, restroom, cafeteria, and playground.   

    This year we are Class DoJo as a communication and behavior management system along with our House System.


  • Lunch

    We will have lunch from 11:15AM - 11:45AM.

    Parents are welcome to have lunch at school with their children. Please notify your child's teacher that morning. 

  • Field Trips

    Kindergarten will be going on the following field trips this year: 

    ·         First field trip will be in the Fall sponsored by PTA.

    ·         The Outdoor Learning Center in the Spring

  • Reading at Home

    Research has proven the value of a parent reading aloud to a child.  We want to encourage this important habit and at the same time know that students are reading aloud to parents.  As part of our program, your child will bring home books at his/her reading level each week.  They will bring the book home in their AVID Folder inside the book pouch.  They will read this book all week, however, please make sure that your child returns the book each day so it can be used in an ongoing lessons.

    ****Books that are lost will need to be replaced or paid for.****

  • Snack

    The students may bring a HEALTHY snack to school, leaving it in his/her backpack until the designated time for that mid-morning break. 

    Examples of a healthy snack would be: grapes, raisins, apple, granola bar, pretzels, carrots, crackers, fruit snacks, or cheese.  Please no cookies, donuts, cake or chips.  It should not be messy or cause stains on clothing, carpeting, or fingers.  It is wise to cut apples into smaller pieces. 

    They may also bring a water bottle with water only, NO JUICE. Please make sure that it is sports cap top.

  • AVID Folder Advanced Via Individual Determination

    Your child has a red AVID Folder and it will be taken home by your child daily. Please check both for homework, notes, finished work, etc. The AVID Folder also has the reading pouch with the book your child is to read for homework each night. In the middle of the folder brads you will find the behavior calendar. Each day your child will receive a sticker or happy face showing the color they were on at the end of the day. Please check the calendar every day and initial in the square so your child's teacher knows you have seen the folder and its contents.

  • Successful Year

    Here are some ways you can help your child become more successful this year:

    Set a time and place for homework to be done.

    Have a set location for school supplies:  homework, library book, money, etc.

    Check backpack for AVID Folder daily.

    Make sure no toys are brought to school.  If the child purchased a toy pass, then they may bring the toy for recess or Fun Friday.

    Help students establish a routine so your child can come prepared daily with folders, any homework or library book, snack, lunch or lunch money.

    Students need to arrive by 7:30, this will give them time to get things put away and ready for the day.

    Keep teachers informed of any changes in family situation -- new baby, job change, death of pet, or extended family illness.