• Counselor

  • School Counseling Program Vision Statement

    Pearson ECS students will feel empowered to manage their lives as empathetic, responsible, resilient, and independent lifelong learners who respect themselves and others while finding their unique way to contribute as citizens of the world.


    School Counseling Program Mission Statement

    The Pearson School Counseling Program commits to delivering a data driven,  comprehensive, counseling program that addresses the developmental, social, emotional, and academic needs of ALL students.

  • The Role of the Early Childhood Counselor

    PISD supports counselors throughout your child’s school experience Pre-K through 12th grade. As part of your child’s early childhood experience, the counselor will play a vital role in his/her social and educational development. Below is a description of some of the many services that will be offered. We are looking forward to working with your child in order to help him/her have a happy and successful school year.

  • Classroom Guidance

    Classroom guidance gives the counselor an opportunity to meet and get to know all children in the early childhood school. Lessons are developmentally based guided by the PISD Early Childhood curriculum in order to meet the needs of the students.

  • Counseling Through Play

    On occasion some children may need additional assistance from the school counselor. In these cases, individual and small groups may be available depending upon the needs of the children. Typically children will attend counseling for up to 5 sessions. If more assistance is needed appropriate referrals will be made to community agencies or private therapists.

    Counseling Through Play can focus on immediate issues and feelings of the child and help build a positive self-image while improving social skills. The counselor will consult with the teacher as well as observe the child in the classroom and other settings. The counselor focuses on developing a warm, caring and accepting relationship with the child. In the playroom, children are given a chance to do for themselves, make mistakes and learn their strengths. Play in the playroom with a counselor can provide for emotional release, help to reduce aggressive tendencies and provide a safe place to express feelings in order to make better choices. The counselor sets limits to facilitate development of the child’s decision-making skills, self-control and self-responsibility.

  • Parent Education

    Parent Education Programs will be presented on a variety of topics throughout the year. The counselor or other community members such as Practical Parent Education will present these programs. Surveys will be available to parents at the beginning of the year in order to meet the needs of our school community.

  • Parent Conferences

    Your school counselor is always available to meet with you for individual conferences. Please contact the school counselor to discuss any concerns regarding your child.

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