• Nurse

  • As we get into the ‘swing’ of the new school year, here are some things to consider about the health and safety of our children.

  • Flu

    The CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccination as the first and most important step in protection against this serious disease. The H1N1 (swine flu) and the Seasonal flu vaccine are combined in this year’s shot.

  • Health Concerns

    I appreciate your sharing health information about your child. This information will help both the teacher and I identify any specific needs of your child. I will be glad to meet with you to discuss how we may help your child to be more successful in school.

  • Hearing and Vision Screenings

    During the first semester I will be screening all 4 year olds for basic vision and hearing problems. The intent of the screening is to identify possible problems that may interfere with learning. The screening does not replace check-ups with your physician.

  • Absence Due to Sickness

    Sometimes parents wonder whether or not their child should attend school when he or she is “not feeling good” or “under the weather”. At the beginning of the school year, you received a student hand book with PISD district guidelines on symptoms that require exclusion from school. These guidelines help to ensure the health of all students and staff at school. If you have any questions, please call me or the school office. When you call in your child’s absence, please give a brief comment on the reason and the type of illness or symptoms. Please include this information on the absence note when they return to school. If you visited your doctor, a “Doctors Note” would be appreciated.

  • Clothing and Activities

    Please have your children wear weather appropriate clothes and closed heel/toe shoes to school. As stated in the Parent Handbook, our students often play outside and they need protection from the weather. Remember coats, jackets, hats and mittens/gloves as the weather gets colder.

Kikko Richmond, RN
Nurse Kikko