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  • Welcome to our school library page! We are always happy to help you with your library needs. Pearson library is a busy place for students, teachers, and families. Our focus is to provide children with an inviting environment that encourages the love of reading. We believe that immersing young children into the joys of literature will encourage them to have a lifelong love of reading.

  • Information About Our Library


    Each class has library storytime & lessons every week. Storytime includes checking out a book to share at home. Our storytime lessons support the classroom curriculum, which is based on the state PreK guidelines. The students are introduced to award-winning books in all genres.

    Book Checkout

    Your child may check out one book at a time. All of our students are given a special library book bag to transport their library book to and from home. The book must be returned on or before their library day in order to check out a new one. If it is forgotten, you may send it the following day and a teaching assistant will be happy to bring your child down for a new book.

    Lost/Damaged Books

    If a book is lost or damaged, the book must be paid for before another book can be checked out. We ask that students/families look for lost books at home and in the classroom before paying for the book. Books are considered lost after 30 days. If a book is lost, we will send a notice with your child with the cost of the book. Please send exact cash or a check to school made out to Pearson ECS.

    Book Care & Reading as a Family

    We spend a lot of time learning about how to care for library books. Please assist your child by establishing a special place for your child’s library book and discuss book care together as a family. Most importantly, read the library book with your child to promote enjoyment of literature and to establish good reading habits!

  • Why Do We Offer Storytime?

    Better Kid Care Project, Penn State University

    • It introduces children to literature
    • It increases their vocabulary
    • It improves listening skills
    • It exercises their attention span
    • It develops a positive attitude toward books as a source of pleasure and information
    • It stimulates their imagination
    • It satisfies and heightens curiosity
    • It sharpens observation skills
    • It introduces the mechanics of reading, turning pages, left to right, etc.
    • It brings them to the library, a wonderful place to be!

  • Library Volunteers

    We welcome Library volunteers!

    Please fill out the Plano ISD volunteer application if you have not already.

    This will allow you to volunteer in the Library or attend special activities in our school throughout the year.

    Make sure to choose Pearson ECS as one of your schools you wish to volunteer at.  

    Here is the link. It might take a week or so for you to be cleared to volunteer.


    Thank you!

Trenna Brooks
Trenna Brooks, Librarian