• The Skaggs Dyslexia Support Teacher, Alyson Zembower, smiling into the camera.

    Dyslexia Support Teacher

    Hello! My name is Alyson Zembower, and I am excited to be the Dyslexia Support Teacher for Skaggs  Elementary. I began teaching at Skaggs in 2002 as a kindergarten teacher and have also taught 2nd and 4th grade. I love being a Skaggs Star!

    The dyslexia program uses the Take Flight curriculum. Take Flight is designed specifically for individuals who have a language-based learning difference (dyslexia), the 10 – 15% of the population who may be unable to remember two-dimensional symbols, letters, or words easily. These individuals require intervention that utilizes special methods and materials.

    Take Flight is a comprehensive, ungraded, structured, and sequential curriculum that utilizes multisensory techniques for basic instruction in reading, writing, and spelling. Task analysis was used to organize and sequence the following:

    • Phonic regularities for reading
    • Rules for syllable division
    • Spelling
    • Other basic linguistic concepts