• Skaggs PACE Program

    PACE stands for Plano Academic and Creative Education.  It is the cornerstone of the district's gifted and talented education program and serves students in kindergarten through graduation. Students may join at any grade level. PACE is more than a course; it is a motivating and challenging experience that lasts over multiple years of a student's education. The PACE program provides an invigorating, creative, and rigorous learning environment to nurture the unique academic and social-emotional needs of students requiring gifted and talented services.


    The Skaggs PACE Team, Sarah Tudor and Kyla Ahnemann, smiling in their soft blue team shirts.


    Students participate in PACE based on the results of standardized tests and observation/performance in the classroom. Parents, teachers, and/or students may make referrals for PACE assessment by completing the appropriate referral packet and returning it to the campus Gifted Specialist by October 20th by 5 PM. 

    The referral packet can be found online at www.pisd.edu/giftededucation.

    While all students requiring gifted and advanced services receive differentiated lessons in the general education classroom, the elementary PACE program is a pull-out program. Participating students step out of the general education classroom for a defined period of time that increases as the student moves through the grade levels. During this time, students are exposed to district-designed curriculum based on the individual's academic and developmental needs and attributes. In the general education classroom, PACE students are clustered together in groups of 4-10 students. They are taught by teachers trained according to state standards for general education, teachers of students requiring gifted services.


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