• Special Education

    Plano ISD provides special education services for students with disabilities. To be eligible for special education services, a student must qualify in one of the following areas: autism, emotional disturbance, learning disability, mental retardation, physical disability, speech impairment, traumatic brain injury or visual or auditory impairment.

    Plano ISD believes in educating students in the least restrictive environment. Planning for a student’s special education services begins on the neighborhood campus in the age-appropriate regular education classroom. Supplementary aids and services are provided to support the student in the regular education classroom. Support services are also available in special education settings on the neighborhood campus, as well as district-level services. A full continuum of instructional and related services is available to eligible students. Parents are members of the Individual Education Plan (IEP) Committee which develops an appropriate plan for each student. For additional information about special education in Plano ISD, contact the district’s Special Education Office at 469-752-8100.


    Skaggs Instructional Support Team

    Instructional Support Team

    Top Row: Ms. Rankin, Mrs. Horne, 

    Bottom Row: Mrs. Rabbane, Ms. Gallant


    The Skaggs Units Team

    Unit Team

    Top row, left to right: Mrs. Clement, Mrs. Payton, Mrs. Brooks, Mrs. Twal

    Second row from the top, left to right: Mrs. Buckman, Mrs. Barman, Mrs. Mueller, Mrs. Feigenbaum

    Second row from the bottom, left to right: Mrs. Refahi, Mrs. Sen, Mrs. Sayfo, Mrs. Valderrama

    Bottom row, left to right: Mrs. Khan, Mrs. Yoshida