• Wyatt History

    Wyatt Elementary School has the proud honor of bearing the name of this very special individual. Children were Dr. Wyatt's favorite patients. In his doctor bag could always be found sweet surprises for his small patients. Along with the health of children, education was also very important to Dr. Wyatt. His love for children and his passions about education were utilized well as he served 20 years on the Plano I.S.D. school board. A result of his dedication to the education of children in Plano Dr. Wyatt was recently honored in the Centennial Celebration as one of their 100 Heroes.

    Slater B. Wyatt grew up in Tennessee. As a young man, Mr. Wyatt realized he did not want to be a dirt farmer all his life, so he earned money to go to college by working on the railroads. He earned enough money to pay his way to Baylor Medical School. In 1905 Mr. Wyatt was a member of Baylor's first graduating class. After medical school he did not have money to start his medical practice so he ventured to Oklahoma to work at a sawmill. Finally, after making $5 a month, he saved enough money to move to Plano and start his medical practice. At the time of his arrival, there were only 2 other doctors in the area. Dr. Wyatt saw a great need for a hospital here in Plano and opened the first 12-bed hospital. He made a name for himself in the medical field for his treatment of asthma.

    People traveled from all over to have Dr. Wyatt diagnose and treat their asthma. Dr. Wyatt was married with 3 children. His daughter, Mrs. Peggy Payne, lives in Dallas and loves to tell stories of her father. Dr. Wyatt lived with Mrs. Payne during his last years of life. It was during this time that she heard all the wonderful stories of his doctor days and his days on the school board. According to Mrs. Payne, Dr. Wyatt enjoyed every minute of his 55 years as a doctor and the time he spent working with children. He lived to be 91 ½ years old.

  • Slater B. Wyatt