• Structured Learning


    The Hightower Centralized Structured Classrooms are designed to provide multiple, structured opportunities for each student to learn and practice skills within a positive, meaningful and reinforcer-enriched environment.


  • Welcome to Centralized Structured Classrooms

    The clear physical learning environment is organized to include the following instructional areas of our classrooms:

    • Direct Instruction
    • Independent Work Areas and Work System
    • Transition Area
    • Leisure and Play Area
    • Group Areas
    • Computer and Technology Area
    • Waiting Area
  • Important Learning Principles & Strategies

    We encourage and use throughout each school day:

    • Spontaneous Communication
    • Augmentative Communication Systems and Communication Visuals
    • Cognition and Academics
    • Fine Motor Skills
    • Social Skills Instruction
    • Socialization with Peers
    • Leisure and Play Skills
    • Visual Behavioral Supports (Pictures, Social Stories, Written directions and Timers)
    • Independent and Daily Living Skills
    • Generalization of skills to Natural Settings
Abbie Harris
Structured Learning
Leslie Kresky
Structured Learning
Naila Taher
Structured Learning