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    At Stinson computers and technology are an important resource used daily by students. We assist all students in learning how to properly use the computers to their full potential. Stinson is very fortunate to have their technology supplied by PISD. Standard Kindergarten through 5th grade technology includes chromebook for each student, as well as one teacher computer in each classroom.

    In addition to the technology listed above, Stinson is also fortunate to have 8 workstations in the Library that students may use for research at any time during the day. Everything is networked to the PISD server so that students can access District-supplied software directly related to their curriculum. And every classroom is equipped with a ceiling mounted projector and an Elmo VID.

    Students are given access to the internet provided an Acceptable Use Guideline Form has been signed by a parent and is on file in the office. Students generally work on research projects and other technology required assignments under the supervision of their teacher. One other capability accessible to students is video streaming. The teacher can have the students go to an assigned video and stream it independently on their workstation or they can view a video together as a group by having the teacher stream it through the projector in their classroom. These are all curriculum based videos provided by the District.

    We also have a Mobile Wireless Laptop Cart containing 16 WiFi capable laptops. The cart can be checked out to any classroom for activities that require each individual student to be logged in simultaneously.

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