• Speech - Language Pathologist (SLP)

    Ruhee Makhani, Speech Pathologist 

  • Program Information

    Speech/Language therapy falls under the umbrella of special education. It is a program designed to help students who demonstrate impairments in their communication abilities. These impairments may be in the areas of articulation (speech sound production), language comprehension and expression, voice, and/or fluency (stuttering).

    Who may be served in Speech/Language Therapy?

    Students who demonstrate an educational need for services and meet eligibility criteria, based on one of the above impairments, may be served by the school Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP).

    Contact our SLP if you have questions or suspect your child may have a communication impairment.

    Phone: 469-752-0438

    Email: ruhee.makhani@pisd.edu