• Mission & Vision Statements

  • Mission Statement



    Committed to Excellence
    Dedicated to Caring 
    Powered by Learning 
    Plano ISD Proud.


    We Believe:

    • ALL students are at the heart of our decisions.
    • High expectations lead to growth and achievement for each student and staff member.
    • Graduates must possess the skills and knowledge that prepare them to become responsible citizens and successful leaders.
    • All students will utilize social, emotional and academic skills in order to become resilient and resourceful lifelong learners.
    • The highest levels of learning occur when students are engaged in work that is relevant, authentic and challenging.
    • Equity and access to equal opportunities are essential to reaching the highest levels of student achievement.
    • As good stewards, we provide access to resources that enable each student to reach his/her aspirations.
    • Our diverse, innovative and future-focused employees are the most valuable resource vital to the growth, care, and success of each student.
    • We embrace families, staff, students, and our community in the shared responsibility of educating our children.
    • Developing meaningful, collaborative relationships in a welcoming, safe and caring environment is essential for student success.
    • Quality public education is the foundation of a thriving community.