• Mission & Vision Statements

    Bethany Motto

    • Caring about learning and learning about caring.

    Bethany Mission Statement

    • The Bethany community values the lifelong learning of each child by supporting individual social, emotional, ethical, and academic development.

    Bethany Belief Statements

    We believe that . . . 

    • Collaborative relationships between school and home are essential to maximize student success.
    • It is fundamental for children to be empowered as problem solvers and creative thinkers.
    • In fostering an environment that protects the child’s physical and emotional well-being.
    • Each student’s unique qualities provide value to our school and community.
    • In utilizing best educational practices to establish a strong academic foundation.
    • Our students deserve an atmosphere of excellence as modeled through our educational staff.
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    Bethany School Song

    We are Bethany Elementary
    Friends and family, one community.
    We love learning, we celebrate diversity.
    We really like to have fun...we're the Bethany Bunch!

     Bears and bullfrogs, brontosauruses too
    Broncos and bulldogs and bobats that's me and you
    Sharing and caring and doin' the right thing
    Learning together everybody come on sing ... Chorus

    Respectful, responsible and ready to learn
    Students, teachers, people in the bleachers
    Shout it now it's your turn, hey ... Chorus