• Pinnacle Gradebook Support

  • Pinnacle Gradebook Overview

    Pinnacle Gradebook Overview

  • Taking Attendance

    State law requires that you take attendance.  Elementary teachers must take attendance in 2nd period (Homeroom).  Secondary teachers must take attendance in each class period throughout the day.

    Please view our support pages on either the Elementary Pinnacle Support or Secondary Pinnacle Support

  • Missing Classes?

    Are you missing classes or has a class disappeared? Click on the + to the right of your class tabs. Check the classes you want to be restored and then click Add to Tabs.

  • Merging Class Tabs

    Have too many class tabs? Class tabs must be combined BEFORE you begin entering grades.
    Once grades are entered, merging gets tricky and you will need to reenter some grades.

    If you suddenly receive a new class and NO grades for any nine weeks have been entered into that class, merging can occur without any lose of grades.

    Send an email to gradebook@pisd.edu requesting your classes be combined.

  • Gradebook Access for Long-Term Substitutes

    Long-Term Substitutes (subbing for more than a few days) can have access to a teacher's gradebook.  Follow the process below.

    1. Ask a campus administrator to request Pinnacle access for the long-term sub.  An email must be sent to gradebook@pisd.edu including the substitute name and the teacher that will be out.
    2. Gradebook support will give a temporary login to the substitute
    3. DO NOT share your network login with a substitute.

  • Need Help?
    Email Support 

    Phone Support
    Dana Adams - 28092
    Clara Alaniz - 28975
    Fern Johnson - 28973
    Leah Heerema - 28971
    Nancy Watson - 28976
    Don Dempsey - 28059
    Lan Hardy - 28093