• Finding Assignment Grades for Students with Schedule Changes

    Do you have a student with a recent schedule change and you are missing the assignment grades?  The following steps must be completed by the student's previous teacher (prior to the schedule change). 

    Option 1 - Print the Students Assignment Report

    1. Go to Reports in the gradebook.
    2. Expand Grading and select the Student Assignment Report
    3. Select the class, nine weeks, and select the desired student from the students box.
    4. Click the Print button.
    5. Give the student's grades to the new teacher.

    Option 2 - View the Grades in the Gradebook

    1. Go to the gradebook tab that the student used to be in (the one that should have the old grades)
    2. Show Inactive Students on your class roster
      1. Click the blue arrow at the top of your class roster.
      2. Select the options "Show Inactive Students".
      3. The inactive students in your gradebook will appear in light gray at the bottom of the class roster.
    3. Find the student's name at the bottom of the class roster.
    4. Write down the grades to give to the new teacher.

  • Pinnacle Gradebook Manuals

    For complete documentation regarding the gradebook, please read:

  • Taking Attendance

    State law requires that you take attendance.  Elementary teachers must take attendance in 2nd period (Homeroom).  Secondary teachers must take attendance in each class period throughout the day.

    Please view our support pages on either the Elementary Pinnacle Support or Secondary Pinnacle Support

  • Missing Classes?

    Are you missing classes or has a class disappeared? Click on the + to the right of your class tabs. Check the classes you want to be restored and then click Add to Tabs.

  • Merging Class Tabs

    Have too many class tabs? Class tabs must be combined BEFORE you begin entering grades.
    Once grades are entered, merging gets tricky and you will need to reenter some grades.

    If you suddenly receive a new class and NO grades for any nine weeks have been entered into that class, merging can occur without any lose of grades.

    Send an email to gradebook@pisd.edu requesting your classes be combined.

  • Gradebook Access for Long-Term Substitutes

    Long-Term Substitutes can have access to a teacher's gradebook in order to take attendance and input grades.

    Vacant PCN

    If the substitute is subbing for a vacant PCN, no action is needed.  Once the assignment is in TEAMS, the sub will receive access the following day.  


    If the substitute is subbing for a teacher on leave, follow the process below.

    1. Ask a campus administrator to request Pinnacle/Gradebook access for the long-term sub.  An email must be sent to gradebook@pisd.edu the day before the start of the assignment and must include:
      1. The substitute's name
      2. The teacher that will be out
      3. Start Date
      4. End Date
      5. School
    2. Gradebook support will give a temporary login to the substitute
    3. DO NOT share your network login with a substitute.

  • Students: How to see Grades

    How Students see their Grades

    Students will find their grades via the PISD Pinnacle app in Webdesk. 

    1. Sign into webdesk.pisd.edu

    2. Open the "PISD Pinnacle" gradebook app.

    3. Sign in with your PISD username (first.last.#) and password.


    • Trouble logging in? Contact the Help Desk - 469-752-8767
    • More info about Webdesk: pisd.edu/webdesk

  • View Inactive Students on your Class Roster

    To view inactive students, click the blue arrow at the top of the roster.  Select Show Inactive Students.  The student's name will appear in light gray at the bottom of the class roster.

    Show Inactive Students Screen Clip

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