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  • Philosophy

    At Bowman Middle School, our goals are to develop young athletes in all sport-specific skills, establish academic skills, and build character. By becoming a member of Bowman athletics, your child is agreeing to hold themselves to a higher standard. Playing sports is a privilege and with it comes the responsibility of being a model student in and outside of school. Coaches expect athletes to take pride in themselves, their school and their community. They should always keep in mind younger students are looking up to them and should always act in a respectable manner. Our coaches look forward to the opportunity of helping each athlete see and reach their full potential so that they can find success at Bowman and in life.

    Competition Sports

    Boys Athletics: Football, Basketball, Track and Field, Cross Country

    Girls Athletics: Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field, Cross Country


    All male and female athletes who are not competing in a sport that is in season will be in the structured offseason program. The program is designed to build strength, speed, and endurance. Athletes who do not try out or make a volleyball or basketball team will work in the period until the next sport begins. 

    In-Sport Practice Times

    Girls Athletics (7th and 8th grades) will take place during 1st period (8:25- 9:15). If an athlete is participating in an in-season sport, the practices usually begin at 7:15am and continues through the athletic period. 

    Boys Athletics (7th and 8th grades) will take place during 8th period (2:45-3:30). If an athlete is participating in an in-season sport, the practices usually end: football (5:30), basketball (5:00). 

    To Do List

    1. Each athlete must complete a physical for each school year in order to participate in any athletic sport. Physicals must be done after April 1st and prior to the next school year. Once you have completed the physical, a copy needs to be uploaded to your Rank One account.

    2. In July, prior to the school year, parents will need to complete all necessary forms to Rank One.  The district will send a notification when it is timme to complete all forms.    https://planoisd.rankonesport.com

    3. We use the SportsYou App for team communication. We encourage all parents and athletes to use this during your participation at Bowman. 

    For boys, use the code: GBJG-UUDZ                       For girls, use the code: 7Z44-WC39




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