• Orchestra

  • As a memorable collaborative experience, the orchestra program allows students to work closely with other peers in order to make music. After an audition that all orchestra members (9-10) go through in the spring before the new school year starts, they are placed into one of three orchestras, Camerata, Philharmonia, or Sinfonia. In each orchestra, along with learning music and working together, students study music terms and theory weekly while also taking time to listen to different styles of music, widening their knowledge and perspectives.

    WHS Orchestra Purpose


    • To instill in each participating member the desire to succeed in his/her endeavors.
    • To provide aesthetic expression and outlets for creativity through music as a performing art.
    • To educate the individual as to the importance of teamwork in all facets of life.


    • To develop and enlarge an appreciation of music through exposure to and performance of the best available symphonic and string orchestra music.

    Public Relations:

    • To represent the Plano Independent School District in community, school, and University Interscholastic League events.


    • To provide all members with creative use of leisure time.
Kevin Garza