• Attendance Clerk Information

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  • Attendance Tracking

    The Attendance Tracking Report shows whether or not teachers have taken attendance.  It also shows what time attendance was taken.

    1. Click on the Home button to return to the gradebook home screen.
    2. Under Reports, click on New Report.
    3. Click on the Attendance section and select the Attendance Tracking report.
    4. Select the Start and End date range for the date(s) you need to report on. You can either enter the dates or use the calendar buttons to select the dates.
    5. To see a list of teachers that HAVE NOT reported attendance for your date range, leave Reported Attendance unchecked. Checking this box will list the teacher that HAVE reported attendance including the date and time they entered it.
    6. Select the hours for the report.
    7. Clicking on the Preview button will show the report on your screen. You can print the report from your preview screen. Clicking on the Print button will send the report directly to your printer

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