• Campus Administrator Resources

  • Elementary - Report Card (Missing Grades)

    This gradebook report will indicate missing grades (blanks) on a student’s report card. 

    According to the Report Student Progress Guidelines, all students enrolled for more than 20 days should receive a report card.

    Report Card - Missing Grades

  • Honor Roll / Failure Reports for Student Groups

    Student Groups have been automatically created in Pinnacle and are updated nightly to reflect any changes made in TEAMS. The groups may be used for running some administrative gradebook reports. Groups include Learning Environment, CohortCMIT, Dyslexia, 504, and SPED students.

    Honor Roll / Failure Report for Student Groups

  • Secondary - Entering Absence Failures

    High school administrators must enter student absence failures in Campus Portal for end of semester grade reporting.

    Entering Absence Failures

  • Secondary - Missing Average Report

    This gradebook report will indicate missing nine week averages (blanks).  It is grouped by teacher and class.

    Secondary Missing Average Report